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Know Your Yoga Business Plan and Model

  The good news about your yoga business plan is that there are multiple ways to run a successful yoga studio. Owners get stuck when they Price they yoga services incorrectly for your capacity, Abandon an ideal audience, or Force clients to decide on membership too...

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How To Choose Your Facebook Ad Formats

    These days, you see all different kinds of Facebook ad formats.  Big ones, small ones, loud ones and subtle ones. They’re all over the place. But what if I told you that The choice to even use an ad, The right Facebook ad format for your campaign, and Which...

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[Case Study] Their Studio’s $58,100 Facebook Live

Local businesses can hit a gold mine when they hyper-strategic with social media. Case in point - a studio just raked in $58,100 using a Facebook live class. I'll clap it out: 👏🏼 FIFTY 👏🏼 EIGHT 👏🏼 THOUSAND 👏🏼 DOLLARS. The team from Arrichion Hot Yoga in North Carolina...

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