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Side Hustle Ideas: 4 Signs It’s Time To Start Researching

BlogNick Wolny contributes for Are you wondering about how to start a side hustle, but aren't sure now is the right time? Side hustles have rapidly risen over the last several years, I predict that in the post-pandemic economy they will absolutely explode. According to research from UK firm Superscript:
  • Three out of 10 side hustles were started during lockdown,
  • 53% of side hustles are pursued to increase disposable income, and
  • A third of all respondents want to take their side hustle full-time someday.
It would appear that more people are thinking about a portfolio career than ever before. If you’re one ...
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Ghostwriting Jobs: How To Build Your “Mimicking Muscles”

BlogNick Wolny contributes for Many moons ago, long before my current career in business and writing, I was a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed teenager who loved cheese fries, the Legend of Zelda franchise, and above all else the French Horn. I aspired to play in a professional orchestra one day and get paid to sling the fanfares that have moved grown men to tears for centuries. So at eighteen years old I maxed out my student loan options (The first major line of credit for many an innocent dreamer) and headed off to music conservatory to become the best French hornist on planet ...
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Paid Content Vs. Free Content: What’s The Difference?

BlogNick Wolny contributes for Paid content strategy has gotten quite a bit of buzz these last few months. Substack’s paid newsletters have led some journalists to strike out on their own, Twitter released a monetization called Super Follows just last month, and more than a few media publications (Forbes and Business Insider to name a few) offer paid tiers for premium, higher-value stories. As a recent opinion piece in The Information notes: “People follow people”. All this hype around content monetization resurfaces an important question: What content should be free, and what content should you charge for? Also, is there such ...
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5 Creativity Exercises To Keep Your Writing Sharp

BlogNick Wolny contributes for February 7th, 2009 should have been a trophy-snatching milestone, a thrilling victory for my art and my craft. Like most 21-year-olds, I had no money, no safety net, and no answer to the question “How many shots of Jagermeister is too many?” (The answer, especially once you reach your thirties, is one.) What I did have was a dream. I had basically abandoned the college experience and locked myself in a practice room for seven semesters straight: No Spring breaks, no vacations, no weekends off, no friendships forged. I even took on my professor’s challenge to ...
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What Confident, Successful Writers Know About Impostor Syndrome

BlogNick Wolny contributes for Does a lack of confidence about your writing keep you stopped or stuck? Are you uncertain as to whether your articles are ‘good enough’? You may be letting impostor syndrome, a normal and natural stage of the writing process, derail you from your goals. We’re here to overcome imposter syndrome. Statistics indicate that you’ve probably have had impostor syndrome in the past (Or have it now). Millennials constitute the largest percentage of the global workforce, and 70% of them report that they’ve experienced impostor syndrome at some point in their career. This feeling of being a fraud can ...
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Why You Need A Welcome Email Sequence

BlogNick Wolny contributes for The first time I took a stab at working for myself, it seemed like things were going well. I had a book of digital marketing clients, my website looked nice, I was making ends meet, and my customers were happy. “I’m my own boss, look at me!” I exclaimed. Unfortunately, I had a blind spot — an expensive one. And over the course of a year, I blew down almost $30,000, nearly everything I had in savings. The runway I spent years building up had quickly evaporated because of this one missing link. My blind spot was that I didn’t ...
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To Make Writing Habits Stick And Reach Your Goals, Overcome “Biggest Loser Paradox”

BlogNick Wolny contributes for In 2002 I was a morbidly obese teenager. Life sucked. Bullying was the norm, food was love, and pop songstress Lizzo wasn’t available to tell me I had the juice because she was in 8th grade at the time. Even if she was espousing body positivity in junior high, social media didn’t exist. I was alone and lost on how to develop good habits. I eventually broke free of my self-hatred cycle in the summer after my sophomore year when a fast-food job fell through, leaving me with unexpected time on my hands. I began to ...
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How Publishers Like Harvard Business Review Are Adopting TikTok

BlogNick Wolny contributes for Simultaneously adored and despised by millions, TikTok is having a moment. Publications and entrepreneurs alike are now realizing the app is more than a repository of random dance challenges and are asking themselves if they should adopt the platform and move into the world of short-form filmmaking via vertical video. The Harvard Business Review, as per usual, is killing it. This is a top industry publication with notoriously rigorous author standards. Yet their TikTok profile leaves this prestige at the door; it feels more like a person, which is great. Screenshots from the author The Harvard Business Review ...
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Improve Any Team’s Online Communication with These 3 Military Email Protocols

BlogNick Wolny contributes for For many business owners, great online communication and email productivity is more critical than ever. From seasoned brick-and-mortar founders to starry-eyed startups, nearly every sector of business is facing demand to quickly pivot their product, messaging or both. Moreover, an all-online team may become the new norm. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently told some of his employees that working from home will become permanent, according to a leaked email first reported by BuzzFeed News, and Google told employees last week to just stay home for the rest of the year. Online teamwork and agility are now an essential component of most organizations, ...
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Why Second Drafts Are So Agonizing

BlogNick Wolny contributes for Writers often bemoan blank page syndrome as the source of all their problems. But I think we have it twisted around. A lack of ideas isn’t what derails us; it’s the process of expanding on, tightening, and polishing those ideas that presents a challenge. New York Times bestselling author Jodi Picoult says she doesn’t believe in writer’s block, and I’m inclined to agree. If you really had to… you could freewrite your stream of consciousness on the page and get something out, right? Blank page syndrome is usually not an ideas problem; it’s either a whitespace problem (caused by actually having too much time ...
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Nick Wolny is a media and marketing strategist for entrepreneurs. Named a “40 Under 40” by the Houston Business Journal, he’s a contributor for Entrepreneur and Fast Company and a technology commentator for NBC and FOX with over 60 live TV appearances.

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