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Why You Need A Welcome Email Sequence

The first time I took a stab at working for myself, it seemed like things were going well. I had a book of digital marketing clients, my website looked nice, I was making ends meet, and my customers were happy. “I’m my own boss, look at me!” I exclaimed....

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Instagram Live Rookie Mistakes

From the entertainment sector to the health and fitness industry, quarantine culture has forced many entrepreneurs to improvise and share their skills virtually. Instagram’s algorithm rewards live streaming with additional push notifications and a position at the...

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Why Second Drafts Are So Agonizing

Writers often bemoan blank page syndrome as the source of all their problems. But I think we have it twisted around. A lack of ideas isn’t what derails us; it’s the process of expanding on, tightening, and polishing those ideas that presents a challenge. New York...

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How To Feel Better About An Enormous To-Do List

The summer after my parents divorced, I was eight years old and my mom couldn’t afford childcare, so every morning before she left for work she would leave a five-dollar bill on the counter for my sister and me; when lunchtime rolled around we would walk two blocks...

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3 Reasons TikTok Is Here To Stay

The TikTok app empowers user creativity in a unique way. Whether you’re an avid content creator, a marketing-minded entrepreneur, or just desperately want your child to stop doing crazy dances they found on the internet, I have news for you: TikTok isn’t going to...

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How To Create And Use A Template To Write Articles

“Write every day,” they said. You won’t need to go far to discover this advice plastered across the walls of the internet. But what if you’re juggling lots of responsibilities and daily writing is a big ask right now? Or worse, what if you do make the time to write...

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“A charismatic speaker, facilitator, and guest, Nick Wolny is a media and messaging strategist for entrepreneurs. LeadPages describes him as “a creative thinker whose marketing strategy converts big”, and SUCCESS magazine describes him as “a Facebook ads expert”. In addition to regular TV appearances on consumer tech with NBC and FOX, Nick has also written for Entrepreneur Magazine and Social Media Examiner, and has been featured with Reader’s Digest, Mens’ Health, VICE, Greatist, FOX, GrowthLab, and the Houston Chronicle.

Named a top LGBTQ+ business owner by Houston Business Journal in 2019, Nick is an LGBTBE-certified diversity supplier, has served on Mayor Turner’s LGBTQ Advisory Board for the city of Houston, and has been featured in LGBTQ+ multimedia content by USA Today.”

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