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101 Writing Prompts To Jumpstart Your Creativity

BlogNick Wolny contributes forOrganized into six subcategoriesPhoto Credit: Andrea Piacquadio, PexelsWant some fresh ideas for your next article? Would it be helpful to be able to start writing the moment you sit down at your desk? To make the ideation process easier for writing articles, it may help you to keep a repository of topic prompts for reference. In a 2009 article written for the American Psychological Association, creativity researcher Jonathan Plucker, PhD says that having a book or voice memo repository of ideas results in both more creativity and better productivity. Rather than falling prey to a blank page and having nowhere ...
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What To Keep In Mind About Substack

BlogNick Wolny contributes forLet’s dissect the buzz.Image from the author. My face when you say the only way to get paid as a writer is via Substack. CreditIt seems like everywhere I go (virtually) these days, all I hear about is Substack. “Join my Substack newsletter!” “Substack is where the magic happens.” “That one history professor is making a million dollars a year on Substack, which feels like a fit for me, so I’ve decided I’m going to do the same.” “Substack, Substack, Substack!” I feel like I’m Jan in an episode of The Brady Bunch, except instead of long, gorgeous blonde hair ...
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The Difference Between $250, $2,500, And $25,000 Freelancer Proposals

BlogNick Wolny contributes forI sell all three. Here are the diffs.Photo by Brooke Cagle on UnsplashAre you a writer who wants to increase your monthly income? Are you freelance-curious, yet not sure how to price your offers, proposals, or hourly rates? In this article, I’ll give you a rundown of my personal experience landing $250, $2,500, and $25,000 proposals, as well as how you can do the same.The Difference Between $250, $2,500, And $25,000 Freelancer Proposals - Post Outline >>> Why Proposals Instead Of Hourly Rates? >>> #1: The $250 Proposal >>> #2: The $2,500 Proposal >>> Market Opportunities >>> Value Stacking ...
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Brene Brown’s Quip To Tim Ferriss Might Shift Your Perspective Of Narcissists

BlogNick Wolny contributes forIt’ll also teach you how to spot one, too.Photo by Antoine Beauvillain on UnsplashIf you’ve ever lived with a narcissist or worked with one, you know the way they operate can be draining at best and catastrophic at worst. A recent Psychology Today article summed it up nicely: Narcissists disrespect experts and boundaries, live for drama, and will throw others under the bus at a moment’s notice to further their own agenda. My most recent experience interacting with narcissists was in a professional engagement that I’m still recuperating from. I’m in consulting, and at one point my main client was a startup media ...
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Screenshots Of 5 Recent Media Pitches That Worked

BlogNick Wolny contributes forWith context and analysisPhoto by Michael Dziedzic on UnsplashWould you like to be able to name-drop “as seen in” and the names of some fancy media outlets in your author bio? Would it be easier to get clients or press if people already knew you were the real deal? To land media placements for yourself, you have to pitch for them – and that means knowing how to write a pitch. I was lukewarm about PR and media for years, and looking back… it’s because I was jealous. I would pitch myself often and rarely see results. Over time, it ...
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How To Clarify Your Message, As Explained By A British Philosopher

BlogNick Wolny contributes forGrice’s maxims are a checklist for clearer copyPhoto by Austin Distel on UnsplashAccording to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, 50% of American adults cannot read a book written at an eighth-grade reading level. Comprehension is critical for spreading your message, and tools like the Flesch-Kincaid readability score exist to help us ensure our writing is easy to understand.How To Clarify Your Message, As Explained By A British Philosopher - Post Outline >>> What Are Grice's Maxims? >>> #1: Say What You Need To And Nothing More >>> #2: Back Up Your Argument >>> #3: ...
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To Ethically Re-Use Past Articles, Create A “Crock Pot Sequence”

BlogNick Wolny contributes forGive your readers more gold with less effortCredit: Nicole De Khors via BurstDo you put a lot of time and energy into writing articles or creating content? Would you like a way to ensure your writing gets seen by people for months and years to come? One way to squeeze more longevity out of past articles is to create a “crock pot” sequence.To Ethically Re-Use Past Articles, Create A “Crock Pot Sequence” - Post Outline >>> The Marketing Tweak That Created More Revenue With Less Effort >>> To Ethically Re-Use Past Articles, Create A “Crock Pot” Sequence ...
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The Exact Software Tools I Use To Sell An Online Writing Course

BlogNick Wolny contributes forPresented in the order my readers experience themPhoto by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels“Yes I want passive income!” “YES I want to make money through writing!” “Yasssssss!” It’s easy to get excited about the prospect of packaging your passion and knowledge into a course. You’re not alone. Online courses are having a moment right now because the potential audience of consumers has massively expanded, making the market less saturated despite already having loads of course creators.The Exact Software Tools I Use To Sell An Online Writing Course - Post Outline >>> You Could Technically Launch With No Expenses ...
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Having 1,000 True Fans Is So Overrated

BlogNick Wolny contributes forYou don’t need a thousand fans. You need to help people solve their problems.Photo Credit: Guduru Ajay Bhargav via PexelsAfter almost seven years, I’m excited to announce to the world that I have now graduated from module two of Ramit Sethi’s Zero To Launch, an online course on how to start an all-virtual business. I wonder if I am Ramit’s slowest-moving client ever? It’s very possible. This course in a nutshell has four modules: 
    • Validate a business idea,
    • Build an audience of 1,000 email subscribers,
    • Create an information product, and
    • Sell it via a ...
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No, Really – It’s Time To Get A Password Manager

BlogNick Wolny contributes forKeep virtual villains at bay with these easy tips.Photo Credit: designer491/Getty ImageWhether it's a huge credit card data leak or Zoombombers usurping online classes and events, it’s become increasingly obvious that insufficient password security can lead to headaches… or worse.  As a savvy reader of Debugger, you probably already have a password manager. But perhaps you know someone who doesn't and you're tired of explaining why they need one, so just send them this article instead.  Using different passwords for different sites helps. But even that first step leads to a drop-off in consumer followthrough. A survey ...
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