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Seth Godin’s Linchpin: Career Maker Or Career Breaker?

BlogNick Wolny contributes for If you want a career book so compelling it could persuade you to run through a wall, look no further than Seth Godin’s 2010 page-turner, Linchpin. When he asks us if we’re indispensable, Godin invites us to think outside the box and become so necessary to our organization that our presence shifts power dynamics and bucks the system. I pursued this approach throughout my twenties as an employee and racked up gold stars with various employers. When I made the move into consulting, however, being a linchpin promptly backfired. Clients felt they had to work with me and only ...
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This Is What LGBTQ Customers Actually Want To See During Pride Month

BlogNick Wolny contributes for The LGBTQ community is an increasing economic force: In the five years since Obergefell v. Hodges legalized gay marriage in the United States, for example, a new study estimates that gay weddings have contributed $3.8 billion to the economy. This means it’s time to up your pride marketing. Read my lips: we love weddings! Moreover, 4.5 percent of American adults identify as LGBTQ, and only 66 percent of Generation Z identifies as exclusively heterosexual, so it appears that winning the favor of our community now would give you appreciating returns later, right? Lightheartedness aside, it’s been a rollercoaster of a month, from the Supreme Court’s ...
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3 Quick Ways To Source Quality Research For Your Articles

BlogNick Wolny contributes for Do you want to build credibility and trust with your readers? Would you like the ghostwriting you do for others to have more gravity and impact? Sourcing quality research, statistics, and citations for articles are some of the easiest ways to back up claims you make in your articles. Finding the “right” citation, however, can easily derail a writing session if you’re not careful. The first time I experienced the time savings of batched research was while sourcing Nicki Minaj remixes, not science. In my twenties, I taught indoor cycling classes, which were a great outlet for me ...
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12 Years Later, My College Transcript Predicted These 12 Life Lessons

BlogNick Wolny contributes for “Don’t look back; you’re not going that way.” I disagree. A glance back at the things I learned in college every now and then never hurts, and can actually give you valuable insights around your best next move. Looking back at my old college transcripts from 2008, I can now see patterns and tendencies that perfectly predicted how my twenties would unfold. And if you look past the letters and numbers on your own college track record, you’ll find important clues that can inform your future, too. Here’s a snapshot of my transcript. At the time, I ...
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Business Writing Examples: 5 Ways I Use Writing To Power My Online Business

BlogNick Wolny contributes for How much written content is actually needed to market and operate an online business? If you want to sell your services as a writer, content creator, or entrepreneur, what should you prioritize and what can you ignore? In a typical work week I chug away on five different categories of writing, and in this article I’ll run through business writing examples for each of them in a little more detail. Sometimes it’s better to spend your time promoting your services or work ahead on the projects you have with clients, and other times your best next step ...
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Instagram Live Tips: 4 Steps For Success

BlogNick Wolny contributes for From the entertainment sector to the health and fitness industry, quarantine culture has forced many entrepreneurs to improvise and share their skills virtually. Instagram’s algorithm rewards live streaming with additional push notifications and a position at the front of the line in users’ Stories feed. Streamers can also see and respond to comments in real-time, which opens up the potential to directly communicate with and engage your audience. If you’re looking to use Instagram live to create content or even sell virtual services, don’t forget to double-check the following four things. 1. Free up your WiFi In 2015, ...
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How To Organize Your To-Do List And Set Yourself Up For Success

BlogNick Wolny contributes for The summer after my parents divorced, I was eight years old and my mom couldn’t afford childcare, so every morning before she left for work she would leave a five-dollar bill on the counter for my sister and me; when lunchtime rolled around we would walk two blocks down the road to a local fast food joint called Flavor Freeze. The “Fried tenderloin and chocolate shake” special, while a steal for $2.49, is probably not something an 8-year-old should be chowing down on five days a week. But that’s what I did, daily, for an entire summer ...
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BlogNick Wolny contributes for Is your writing good enough to be accepted by big publications or magazines? Or do you find yourself getting rejected when you pitch, never hearing back, or feeling scared to even pitch in the first place? Are you wondering how to write for big publications? The headspace of “I don’t know if it’s good enough” may be preventing your work from being picked up and distributed to a broader audience. Whether your target outlet is a traditional media platform with years of credibility and millions of fans or a new, niche publication that speaks to a specific and ...
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BlogNick Wolny contributes for Good news: Your body sets you up for success automatically I could never quite get into the pomodoro technique, a time management system touted as the productivity hack of gods that slices your schedule into perfect half-hour bento boxes of 25 minutes’ work and five minutes’ rest. For some, this approach works like a charm. They chop up their days into 30-minute chunks, and magically they’ve founded a new company, effortlessly entertained the kids, and meal-prepped dinner for an entire week. For others, though — especially creatives — a pause every twenty-five minutes feels disruptive. Trust me, ...
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BlogNick Wolny contributes for The TikTok app empowers user creativity in a unique way. Whether you’re an avid content creator, a marketing-minded entrepreneur, or just desperately want your child to stop doing crazy dances they found on the internet, I have news for you: TikTok isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. It may be time to develop a TikTok strategy. Social media apps come and go, but video content consumption continues to grow. Hours spent consuming content on a smartphone are on track to eventually surpass hours spent watching television, and the current stay-at-home orders have likely accelerated these consumption trends. Consider TikTok’s impressive ...
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Nick Wolny is a media and marketing strategist for entrepreneurs. Named a “40 Under 40” by the Houston Business Journal, he’s a contributor for Entrepreneur and Fast Company and a technology commentator for NBC and FOX with over 60 live TV appearances.

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