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BlogNick Wolny contributes for “Write every day,” they said. You won’t need to go far to discover this advice plastered across the walls of the internet. But what if you’re juggling lots of responsibilities and daily writing is a big ask right now? Or worse, what if you do make the time to write frequently, yet find yourself still getting stuck? That’s where an article template comes in handy. When I had my full-time job, I found frequent writing to be a challenge. I did my best to “rise and grind” and pump out articles before the workday began, but as the weekdays ...
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How To Write For Business Insider, Get Exposure, And Elevate Your Brand

BlogNick Wolny contributes for Wondering how to write for Business Insider or other big publications? Would the chance to get your expertise in front of hundreds, thousands, or millions of people for free help you reach your goals? Cracking how to write for Business Insider and other traditional media outlets can give your personal brand or business a huge lift in credibility, and these days you no longer need a publicist to start securing placements.How To Write For Business Insider: Post Outline >>> Overview: My exact pitch for Business Insider >>> Step 1: Research what the outlet is looking for ...
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BlogNick Wolny contributes for This article originally appeared in Fast Company. In an attempt to incorporate any type of stimulation into my day that doesn’t involve a screen, I began re-reading the paperbacks on my bookshelf. (I also took up cross-stitching.) As I cracked open Cal Newport’s Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World for a second pass, I realized just how relevant this book is to me right now. Like most of the world, I am distracted; between rapid COVID-19 developments, Black Lives Matter making us come to terms with our privilege, and a looming presidential election, it’s hard not ...
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BlogNick Wolny contributes for What would you do with an extra thousand dollars in your pocket? Would you like to make $1,000 USD or more from one pitch? And are you just getting started with writing as a side hustle? A well-written consultant proposal template can give you a winning edge and money in your pocket, and you don’t need a fancy designer or years of experience to create one. Today I’ll give you a DIY, Google doc-style consultant proposal template you can use to seal the deal. I was flat broke for years. So the first time someone accepted ...
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Writing Powerful Headlines: 4 Psychology-Backed Copywriting Tips

BlogNick Wolny contributes forThis post originally appeared in Entrepreneur. Many marketers feel a powerful headline can be as important, if not more important, than the content itself. In fact, a study found that 59 percent of articles shared on social media weren’t even clicked on by the user in the first place. A first impression has already been made before most users even click to read. Whether your end goal is to educate, pitch, or sell, powerful headlines are a critical component in your online marketing efforts, and readers use headlines to make a snap judgment about your content. The notion that people ...
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BlogNick Wolny contributes for A version of this article was originally written for Fast Company. Are you angry? Are you frustrated? You’re not alone; in fact, chances are you’re in the majority at the moment and you’re looking for ideas on how to release anger. Springtime saw millions of workers terminated or furloughed as a cureless, rampant virus took hold. And now a surge of human rights injustices are compounding our anger and frustration, with virtual activism being one of our only safe outlets. (Did you belligerently unfriend half your Facebook connections from high school this last month? I did.) ...
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BlogNick Wolny contributes for Looking for TV interview tips for an upcoming appearance? Do you want to sound smart when cameras are on and the microphone goes live? You may want to adopt a few TV interview tips publicists teach their clients to sound smarter and maximize airtime when they make an appearance. Why small adjustments make a big difference Having done over 40 live TV interviews on marketing and technology in the last 18 months, I can say with confidence my best interviews resulted from implementing small tweaks. I’ve also sat in the TV station’s green room and watched very smart ...
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5 Free Instagram Tricks I Learned From Harvard Business Review’s Profile

BlogNick Wolny contributes forInstagram is obviously a good marketing platform choice for photographers, food bloggers, fitness influencers, and other visual brands. But what if your online brand centers around writing or data? And what if your core asset is a website or channel other than Instagram? Is publishing on Instagram even worth your time? Amidst an ocean of thirst traps and quote boxes, I pondered this question. But then I remembered one of my favorite accounts to follow: The Harvard Business Review Instagram.5 Free Instagram Tricks I Learned From Harvard Business Review's Profile - Post Outline >>> #1: Whenever ...
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Why Impostor Syndrome Can Sometimes Be A Good Thing

BlogNick Wolny contributes forMillennials constitute the largest percentage of the global workforce, and 7 out of 10 report that they’ve experienced impostor syndrome at some point in their career. This feeling of being a fraud can discourage you from taking risks and further educating yourself, and picture-perfect social media feeds have heightened our collective perfectionism, paralyzing us from making progress and contributing to a mental health crisis.Why impostor syndrome can sometimes be a good thing - Post Outline >>> Where Does False Confidence Come From? >>> 1: Define Your Data Points >>> 2: Follow A Ritual That Historically Serves You ...
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7 dead-simple focus triggers that help me jumpstart my day

BlogNick Wolny contributes for“The first hour is the rudder of the day.” This quote is from Henry Ward Beecher, and for a while I loved it, along with any other focus tips I could find to improve my productivity. Then I hated it. That’s because I explored 5am productivity life – and it led to more daytime fatigue and missed expectations than anything else. During that exploratory process, though, I found various focus tips that helped me get into flow. Yes, early-morning productivity is a movement, but for many a 5am wake-up call either short-circuits your sleep goals or is not ...
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Nick Wolny is a media and marketing strategist for entrepreneurs. Named a “40 Under 40” by the Houston Business Journal, he’s a contributor for Entrepreneur and Fast Company and a technology commentator for NBC and FOX with over 60 live TV appearances.

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