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3 TV Interview Tips That Make You Sound Smarter

Looking for TV interview tips for an upcoming appearance? Do you want to sound smart when cameras are on and the microphone goes live? You may want to adopt a few TV interview tips publicists teach their clients to sound smarter and maximize airtime when they make an...

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Why Impostor Syndrome Can Sometimes Be A Good Thing

Millennials constitute the largest percentage of the global workforce, and 7 out of 10 report that they've experienced impostor syndrome at some point in their career. This feeling of being a fraud can discourage you from taking risks and further educating yourself,...

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5 Things I Wish I Had Known In Music School

Much of the six years I spent in music school were filled with trepidation and worry. What if I can’t win an audition?What if I get in a car accident and my face becomes disfigured?What if I injure myself or develop one of a host of small biological anomalies (carpal...

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Create Pillar Content And Grow Your Audience

Ready to create a killer piece of content for your business, but feeling spooked when it comes to all the little steps there are to complete? “Pillar content” - long-form content that lives on your website forever, shows off your expertise, and ranks well in search...

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Pillar Content Strategy: Additional Tips

You’ve created a pillar content strategy, developed an awesome piece of content, promoted it well, and can measure its performance month in and month out. Now how can you continue to feed your baby to make it even bigger and stronger as time goes on? If you want to ...

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Content Analytics: Measure, Adjust, And Improve

You know content can help you leverage your time and educate people new to your business or brand. But how do you define your “content analytics” - ya know, how your content is performing and how you should adjust? If you’re looking to determine  Whether your content...

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How To Promote Content: 3 Simple Steps

You’ve created some killer content -- perhaps something short and sweet, or perhaps a piece of long form or pillar content as explained in this guide -- and now it’s time to promote your content out in the world. How will you ensure it doesn’t completely launch to the...

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Content Ideas: Figure Out What Content To Create

When it comes to content ideas, you’re probably in one of two camps. Either you have too many ideas on what to create or write about, or you’re feeling dry as a bone when it comes to creativity and inspiration. We've reviewed the difference between search content...

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“A charismatic speaker, facilitator, and guest, Nick Wolny is a media and messaging strategist for entrepreneurs. LeadPages describes him as “a creative thinker whose marketing strategy converts big”, and SUCCESS magazine describes him as “a Facebook ads expert”. In addition to regular TV appearances on consumer tech with NBC and FOX, Nick has also written for Entrepreneur Magazine and Social Media Examiner, and has been featured with Reader’s Digest, Mens’ Health, VICE, Greatist, FOX, GrowthLab, and the Houston Chronicle.

Named a top LGBTQ+ business owner by Houston Business Journal in 2019, Nick is an LGBTBE-certified diversity supplier, has served on Mayor Turner’s LGBTQ Advisory Board for the city of Houston, and has been featured in LGBTQ+ multimedia content by USA Today.”

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