The right steps in

The right order

I help writers, experts, and online entrepreneurs increase visibility and strategically grow their audiences through actionable marketing, business, and earned media techniques.


It’s important to follow a framework that is cumulative and builds your marketing machine over time. Products and consultation packages are designed with the following framework in mind:

Your first task as an online entrepreneur is to work out what content you should create, how to get that content in front of the right people, and how to encourage these people to join your email list.


Why email? Email is a low-cost, effective way to get in front of your people again and again. Email also has a well-documented track record of yielding higher sales than other platforms. Trust me: If you’re serious about growing an online business, you want an email list.


Once you have that engine in place, it’s time to look for ways to “monetize the moment” and capitalize on the excitement a new subscriber has when they first join your list.


Got that in place? Amazing – you have an online business that turns curious readers into satisfied customers and clients. Now let’s shout your message from the rooftops with earned media and press hits that elevate your authority, reach new eyeballs, and add WOW factor to your brand.


The prolific

Writer Playbook

Never wonder what to write about again. In this bite-sized mini-course, you’ll get the exact framework and approach I use to write 5+ articles per week. Content creation is the engine of online business!


Your purchase of Prolific Writer Playbook includes lifetime access to the course and all updates.

The Mediumtm


Get your writing seen on an emerging platform best described as “YouTube for articles”. I used to get over 220,000 views on my articles in my first year. In this workshop, I show you the strategies I used – and how you can do the same.


Your purchase of The Medium™ Workshop includes lifetime access to the course and all updates.

The online writing

success system

Build a list of raving fans – on autopilot! The Online Writing Success System is a 5-week program that covers how to attract, grow, nurture and sell to a list of email subscribers. Remember: The money is in the list.


The Online Writing Success System is sold as a bundle and includes the Prolific Writer Playbook and The Medium™ Workshop. Your purchase of The Online Writing Success System Bundle includes lifetime access to the course and all updates.

Let’s go,


Why wait years to grow an email list to thousands before you start making money? When you have a low-cost Limited-Time Offer (LTO) available upon opt-in, you can monetize the excitement of your newest subscribers and add a new passive income stream to your online efforts.


Limited-Time Offers are automated and a great moneymaker, and there’s an ethical way to approach them. In Let’s Go, LTO I show you the step-by-step process you should take to build out an information product and sell it on autopilot.


Let’s Go, LTO enrollment opens periodically throughout the year exclusively to email subscribers.

Publicist in

your pocket

Placements in big publications, podcast interviews and TV are marketing gold that projects instant credibility.


But PR agencies or publicists can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. Knowing the inner workings of how PR and publicity are done can help you start getting yourself booked and supercharge your reputation for a fraction of the price.


Publicist In Your Pocket is a 1-on-1 media coaching and training program for authors, experts, and online entrepreneurs in which I personally help you start landing media placements, interviews, and features for yourself.


Publicist In Your Pocket enrollment is by application only.


“Nick is the most prolific content creator I know, but what’s truly amazing is that the sheer quantity never degrades the quality. He has a knack for identifying the stuff that’s really going to LAND, and thankfully for the rest of us, he can teach it. He also keeps it super fun and engaging (literally every interaction with him puts me in a good mood!).”

Rebecca Horan

Brand Strategist

“One of the best writers I know; you need to work with this guy if your business needs any kind of writing that makes you sound incredibly smart and leads to ROI.”

Greg Scheinman

SVP, INSGroup and host, The Midlife Male podcast

“Nick’s know-how is unsurpassed when it comes to content creation and all things tech to make it happen in a systematized way. He’s truly a whiz at sharing his expertise in accessible terms, easy processes, and actions that make the behind-the-scenes business stuff enjoyable again while enhancing your business, too.”

Sarah Nannen

Grief Coach and Author

“Nick was great at capturing the essence of my expertise in a concise, easy-to-understand way. He’s a triple threat as a content writer, copywriter, and email marketer. Thank you so much for all your help!”

Keveney Evanne

Business Coach and Author