Yoga Advertising

It’s also no secret that people continue to spend more and more time on Facebook (whether they like it or not); the average user spends 41 minutes a day on Facebook and Instagram, and that number increases every year.

You have amazing classes and knowledge to drop. But when you post to Facebook,

  • No one sees your posts,
  • Your videos encounter tech issues, or
  • You try to run ads and hear crickets.

It feels like the only way to be visible is to be a half-naked supermodel taking hundreds of handstand selfies on a beach.

If yoga is so hot, and Facebook continues to be hot, why is advertising yoga on Facebook so tough to crack?

Facebook isn’t outdated… but your strategy is.

Take, for example, this livestreamed workshop my yoga studio client did recently.

Even with a camera setup blip and numbers across the screen, this campaign racked up 113 comments, 68 shares, and 1,700 video views – all before spending a penny.

Yoga Advertising

The business promoted a sale using this tactic – and raked in well over 100 sales as a result.


  • They had a creative strategy in the form of a livestreamed Q&A workshop that viewers could contribute to.
  • They leveraged technology to get the maximum reach and results.
  • Their language made people act. (They even connected a giveaway to the livestream – “share this post” and be entered to win prizes.)

We then ran this post as an ad, reaching the studio’s email subscribers, page likes, and like-minded locals.

Our $60 in advertising spend stretched VERY far – we tripled the reach and video views. Now nearly 12,000 people had seen what is probably the most engaged local business Facebook post in a very long time.

Yoga Advertising

Facebook ads will work – IF you have a great strategy in place first.

That’s why I wrote Yoga Advertising on Facebook: The Ultimate Guide.

And if you want the entire guide in a PDF format (All 16,000 words’ worth!), click the button below to snag your own copy.


Honestly, one reason I wrote this guide was because I was tired of seeing imagery like this in my news feed – and hearing from clients who feel like insane visuals and impossible body standards are the only way to win on social media.

Yoga Advertising

Impressive? Yes. Demoralizing? Definitely.

This isn’t the only way.

So in Yoga Advertising on Facebook: The Ultimate Guide, we unpack my strategy and framework for advertising your yoga business. That looks like this:

Yoga Advertising

Each step has its own chapter, and the chapters are intended to be read in succession (though each chapter functions as a stand-alone blog piece).

This guide is also thorough – if you’d like a PDF copy delivered to your inbox for reference, click here.


First, you’ll reach more people, attract more new members and pull in more revenue.

Other residual results may come from that, such as Facebook page likes. Those are vanity metrics though, and we won’t obsess too much over them. We focus on metrics that give you more members, happier members, and more revenue.

I’ll type it again. More members, happier members, and more revenue.

Second, you will have a marketing strategy for your business that you feel confident in.

No more mimicking the competition.

No more reactive flash sales.

No more quick-cash marketing that only gets you more stuck.

Let’s do it. Get started with Chapter 1 here.

And if you have a question or idea, or want to mention an absurd yoga photo you’ve seen on social recently, comment below.

The Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The best yoga marketing strategies on Facebook

In this chapter, you’ll learn five common Facebook marketing mistakes yoga businesses make that tank your reach and drown your message.

Yoga Marketing Strategies

Chapter 2: Your yoga business plan (and why it affects your marketing strategy)

Are you a high-capacity membership-based business? Or an intimate, boutique model with more personalized attention? Your approach changes depending on your model – in this chapter, we break down how to best tackle your unique business challenges.

Yoga Business Plan

Chapter 3: Yoga challenge Ideas for every month of the year

Help, I need a creative marketing idea fast! Use this chapter to get inspired as well as implement an appropriate strategy for the different seasons of your business.

Yoga Challenge Ideas

Chapter 4 – Facebook advertising strategy for yoga studios (and what to do first before you spend a penny)

In this chapter, you’ll get an overview of when it’s right to incorporate Facebook ads into your studio marketing strategy (and when it’s best to hold off).

Yoga Advertising Strategy

Chapter 5 – “What does it cost to advertise on Facebook?” – the right budget strategy for yoga businesses

Can I even afford these ads? How much did so-and-so’s promotion cost?! In this chapter I break down what size budget is realistic and effective for your brick-and-mortar business.

Cost to advertise on Facebook

Chapter 6 – Your Facebook Target Market as a local yoga business

With advertising, your audience is everything. This chapter shows you what audience selection options are possible (and which ones are incredibly valuable) within Facebook.

Facebook Target Market

Chapter 7 – “What Facebook ad format should I use?” An introduction to placements

The same ad to the same audience could flourish in the news feed, but bomb on Instagram stories. Don’t make it this far and then flush your dollars down the drain – here is how to choose the best formats and placements of your ads.

Facebook Ad Formats

Chapter 8 – “Yoga inspiration quotes and posts that work on Facebook”

“Should I use photo or video?” “What do I say?” “What are all these buttons for?” You want to put your best foot forward in your copy and creative, since that’s what consumers will see – here’s how.

Yoga Inspiration Quotes

Chapter 9 – Facebook, Yoga, and finding local students and clients

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to measure the results of your Facebook efforts, use Audience Insights in the Facebook Business Manager, and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Yoga Advertising