An Honest Approach To Online Business.

An Honest Approach To Online Business.

Named a “40 Under 40” by the Houston Business Journal, Nick Wolny is an online business consultant writing about entrepreneurship, behavior, and email marketing.




I’m currently the senior editor of financial independence for NextAdvisor – in partnership with TIME – and have been an online business strategist and consultant for service providers, creators, and online entrepreneurs for six years. I’ve also written for Fast Company, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur magazine.


It’s my job to keep up with what’s new and working in the world of online entepreneurship. What I know is this: When you’re clear on the right next steps to take in the right order, your online efforts will pay off.

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Newsletters and articles are some of the fastest ways to build thought leadership and elevate your brand. To pump mine out quickly, I reference 9 different outline types and keep my drafts organized in a handy-dandy spreadsheet.

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