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Nick Wolny is a former classically trained musician and a current online marketing strategist for  entrepreneurs with over 100 published articles and over 50 live TV appearances.

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Nick Wolny writes for top publications like Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, and Social Media Examiner, and has delivered over 50 live TV appearances as a commentator on marketing and consumer technology.


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A frequent guest expert, Nick is available to speak on consumer-facing technology, marketing, and messaging for your next TV segment, podcast, or written article.


Nick primarily writes articles for publications on, and also contributes to Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and Business Insider – see a portfolio here.

Nick is the most prolific content creator I know, but what’s truly amazing is that the sheer quantity never degrades the quality. He has a knack for identifying the stuff that’s really going to LAND, and thankfully for the rest of us, he can teach it. He also keeps it super fun and engaging (literally every interaction with him puts me in a good mood!). 

Rebecca Horan

Brand Strategist

“One of the best writers I know; you need to work with this guy if your business needs any kind of writing that makes you sound incredibly smart and leads to ROI.”

Greg Scheinman

SVP, INSGroup and host, The Midlife Male podcast

“Nick was great at capturing the essence of my expertise in a concise, easy-to-understand way. He’s a triple threat as a content writer, copywriter, and email marketer. Thank you so much for all your help!” 

Keveney Evanne

Business Coach and Author

Nick’s know-how is unsurpassed when it comes to content creation and all things tech to make it happen in a systematized way. He’s truly a whiz at sharing his expertise in accessible terms, easy processes, and actions that make the behind-the-scenes business stuff enjoyable again while enhancing your business, too. 

Sarah Nannen

Grief Coach and Author